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Vishudh Clinic

About Vishudh Clinic

Welcome to Vishudh Clinic, the world class comprehensive diabetes center, which is functioning under consultant diabetologist Dr. Abhishek Arun. We are working with the motto of giving the best of the diabetes care adhering to the international diabetes guidelines, to everyone, under one roof. We have the best infrastructure to identify and treat the diabetes and diabetes related complications at affordable cost. Vishudh Clinic was started with the aim of providing quality and personalized, comprehensive diabetes care by DR. Abhishek Arun, who is one of the well known diabetologist in Lucknow.

Vishudh Clinic aims at Diabetes prevention and avoidance of its possible complications. Our experts are focused on continuous improvement of diabetes education that develops innovative programs, materials and methods to help patients achieve successful management of diabetes self-care.

We are dedicated:

- to Patients in their wish to further their understanding of diabetes and find supportive material.

- to Health care professionals, for specialized information, educational materials and tools to enhance care, particularly in rural areas where specialist support and educational opportunities are limited.


  • Create a wellness healthcare concept with the ability to provide holistic endocrine care under one roof
  • Improve disease awareness, patient rapport and motivation, reduce waiting times and lack of satisfaction because of absence of holistic care
  • Catch the disease early and enforce effective preventive strategies


Vishudh Clinic envisions to serve as a leading light in diabetes and endocrine care across the globe, paving the way for excellence in holistic care, an unwavering focus on patient empowerment, and by a culture of continuous quality improvement.