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Diabetes & Foot Care

Diabetes & Foot Care

Diabetes is a disease in which the body cannot use glucose correctly. People diagnosed with diabetes have complications such as kidney, nerve, eye, heart and feet diseases.

High blood glucose level can cause problems that hurt your feet. When your blood sugar level is high, the nerves and blood vessels in your feet and legs could possibly be damaged. It is important to control and lower your blood sugar level because studies have shown that it can reduce the risk of nerve damage. If not properly treated or managed, the nerve and vascular damage in the feet can lead to hard to heal foot ulcers, and this has become one of the contributing factors to the increasing rate of amputations for people with diabetes.

Five easy steps to healthy feet

Serious foot problems are preventable with proper care. Start with the following five steps.

  • Manage your diabetes
  • Practice good foot care habits
  • Inspect your feet every day
  • Treat problems immediately
  • Visit your physician regularly

Manage your diabetes by

  • Monitoring your blood glucose level daily through frequent self testing
  • Following a healthy meal plan being physically active every day Taking medication as directed

Practice good foot care habits by keeping your feet clean and dry

  • Trimming your toenails weekly
  • Protecting your feet from cold and hot
  • Wearing socks and shoes at all times

Inspect your feet every day by

  • Making it a routine

Treat problems right away by

  • Using a home foot care kit to treat small foot problems
  • Seeking a physicians in situations such as calluses, non healing cuts or sores, swelling and pain in your legs or feet, or changes in the colour of your feet

Visit your healthcare provider regularly

  • Visit your healthcare provider every 3-4 months as part of the diabetes routine
  • Discuss with your healthcare provider your concerns and questions about your feet
  • Visit your healthcare provider immediately for infections or foot problems that are not healing properly, rather than waiting for the next appointment